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  • I believe that every person has....

    "....Power and Greatness in them and that often it remains untapped and unused. I believe this Power and Greatness is a gift we are given that we must open and discover. And when we do, there is no going back. We never again lose sight of the magnificent being that we really are and our lives are forever changed. . . .

    Ruth Kirby



    . . .Sometimes we discover our power when facing great adversity, when the situation demands we pull from deep within and find great courage and strength, and sometimes we find it simply by being willing to try something that requires personal power instead of shrinking from the task believing we can't do it.


    Our power has always been there. Like the story of Harry Potter living his first 11 years having powers he never knew he had and then one day finding out he was a wizard, we grow up not knowing how powerful we really are and then one day, we realize that we are more powerful than we could ever imagine.



    And with this discovery comes a need to learn to use it wisely and effectively in our lives. Like Harry going to Hogwarts to learn how to use his power, we also benefit from some guidance on how to use our power. We need this guidance from one who knows we are powerful and capable of great things.


    I am that person.


    I invite you to work with me to discover your true power and use it to create the life you desire to live." ~ Ruth Kirby, 2018

  • Work With Ruth

    Your guide on the journey of life

    Ruth Kirby - Personal Coach

    Personal Coaching

    1 on 1 sessions

    Ruth is a talented and dedicated personal coach. She has impeccable insight and articulation skills, able to hone in quickly on what might be blocking forward movement. People who work with Ruth get results quickly, dissolve barriers, and reach their goals. Personal Coaching is for anyone who desires to improve their lives and can be focused in any area.

    • Love and Relationships
    • Health and Wellness
    • Inner Growth and Spiritual Development
    • Parenting
    • Goals and Desires
    • And more...


    Rate: $70 per session

    Packages: 3 for $195, 5 for $300




    BOOK a FREE 15-minute consultation HERE

    Together we will co-create a plan to best support you.

    Rev. Ruth Kirby - Center of Spiritual Living Minister

    Spiritual Services

    For any occasion

    Ruth is a Centers for Spiritual Living Minister offering personalized non-denominational ceremonies for any life event or rite of passage. She is a gifted teacher and facilitator offering dynamic transformational educational classes and workshops both in person and online. Ruth is also a highly skilled and engaging public speaker capable of inspiring a wide variety of audiences. As a Minister, Ruth offers these services:

    • Weddings / Memorials
    • Classes / Workshops
    • House / Business blessing
    • Inspirational Speaking
    • Prayer and Personal Guidance
    • And more …

    Rates vary from service to service. Please use Contact Me below to discuss your needs, my availability and rates.

  • Classes & Workshops

    Centers for Spiritual Living

    Transformative Educator

    Ruth teaches classes and workshops on Spiritual Development and Personal Growth online through Centers for Spiritual Living.


    Centers for Spiritual Living is a organization of groups and centers all over the world that are dedicated to ‘Creating a world that works for everyone’ through personal and global transformation.


    Online classes range in length and cost and can be accessed worldwide.


    Current offerings can be found HERE.

    Social Artistry

    A Trainer for Jean Houston's work

    Ruth is a Certified Trainer in Jean Houston’s Social Artistry work.


    Social Artistry is a group of processes that prepare us to be Artists of our ideal society. We first are empowered to bring forth our best possible human self and then are empowered to bring those possibilities forth for the best possible society. In Social Artistry, we learn about ourselves and our world through 4 distinct lenses: Physical/ Sensory, Psycho/Historic, Mythic/Symbolic, and Unitive.



  • About Ruth Kirby

    Certified Personal Coach, Centers of Spiritual Living Minister, Social Artistry Trainer

    Ruth is a natural teacher who from an early age knew that she had an ability to see the larger visionary picture and to clearly articulate as a communicator, bridging information and awareness for others.


    She is passionate about helping people awaken their inner power, to clarify what they actually want to experience, and empower them to take action toward a life that brings them fulfillment. This passion is evident in all that she does. Whether she is coaching an individual, teaching a class, officiating a ceremony or speaking to a group, the underlying goal is the same: to reveal the magnificence in every person.


    Ruth enjoys Improvisational acting classes and finds the practice of improv to be both fun and a perfect way to practice being in the moment. What started out as a fun activity in her spare time, has become an integral aspect of her own regular practice as well as using improv acting principles in her classes, workshops and talks. Ruth lives in beautiful Ashland, Oregon with her husband and their son.



    ICF Certified Life Coach

    Center for Spiritual Living Practitioner

    Center for Spiritual Living Minister

    Certified Social Artistry Trainer



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